Vascular Lesions


Indications: Systems of rosacea, small spider veins, hyperpigmentation or pigmented lesions, cherry angiomas. Spider or reticular veins in the legs.

Contraindications: Anticoagulant medication, history of seizures, suspicious pigmented lesions

Definition: For vascular lesions---the chromophore of oxyhemoglobin and deoxygenated hemoglobin are targeted to coagulate the vessels while surrounding tissue is unharmed. Vessels are shed through the lymphatic system or the normal migration of the cells.

Expectation: Fade, reduce or eliminate vascular lesions

Frequency:  1-3 treatments are sometimes required depending on the severity of the treatment area, with a resting time of 6-8 weeks


What Should Clients Expect

  • First 48 hours-client may have some redness and hotness to the skin and warm to the touch. There may be slight swelling of the skin.
  • Client may notice redness surrounding lentigos and a raised surface where treatment occurred. This is transient and could take one week to fully heal.
  • When treating areas of spider veins or rosecea with the In-Motion technique, clients should expect minimal discomfort, additional collagen production, change in color of vessel and in some cases, a complete disappearance of the lesion immediately.
  • Red vessels may show a shift in color darkening to a reddish purple temporarily
  • Blue vessels may appear to constrict or disappear immediately following laser pulse
  • For spider veins in the legs, swelling may last for 1-2 days and bruising may occur for 6-8 weeks.

 For cherry angiomas:

  • Typically resolve in one treatment after 2-6 weeks. May require second treatment.
  • Immediately after a pulse, will experience color change from pink to black prior to healing.

Potential Side Effects

  • Any discomfort should be treated with use of ice and aloe!
  • Clients with history of hyperpigmentation, melisma or skin cancer should be treated with caution.
  • All patient concerns, side effects and complications should be addressed and documented.


Post treatment, care for your skin to minimize risk and maximize the effectiveness of the treatment.