Post Treatment Care---Photofacials, Vascular & Pigmented Lesions


  1. Do not rub, pick or scratch the area being treated.

  2. For the first few days after treatment wash area gently with water and a soft cloth. Avoid harsh exfoliates or salicylic acid and heavy anti-aging products.

  3. Keep the treated area out of the sun. If sun is unavoidable, use a SPF daily and be aware of direct sun exposure by wearing hats or other coverings to exposed skin.

  4. Be careful with hot water until healed. Hot tubs, saunas etc. should be avoided for up to a week.

  5. If skin is inflamed, use Aloe Vera gel or healing ointment until inflammation resolves and the area is healed.

  6. Avoid excessive exercise and sweating for 1-3 days during the healing period.

  7. Keep clothing from rubbing the treated area and avoid other irritation.

  8. Notify Newity Laser should you have any prolonged redness, excessive puffiness or other unusual side effects.

Important Facts To Remember

  1. There may be slight redness, puffiness and very occasionally, mild blistering of the treated areas lasting from several hours to 3-14 days.

  2. Pigmented areas (freckles, sun damage, etc.) will continue to darken for one week following the treatment, especially in the instance of heavy sun damage.

  3. Pigmented areas may “crust”, “flake” or have a raised “coffee grain” texture. This will naturally exfoliate off within a two week period. Do not pick or rub the area to avoid potential scarring.

  4. Mild itching of the skin may occur after the treatment. Use cold compresses and avoid a rubbing motion.

  5. Good skin care will help to minimize risk of complications.

What Should Clients Expect?

  • Minimal to no down time—can resume normal activities almost immediately.

  • 10-30% improvement over 45 days.

  • First 48 hours - there may be some redness and hotness to the skin, warm to the touch and possibly a slight sunburn feeling or a slight swelling of the skin. These are normal reactions and skin should be treated gently throughout this period.

  • May experience the skin purifying itself, bringing oil to the surface as the skin cells migrate (first few days).

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to call us at the number found below.

Best results are found in a series of 3-6 treatments spaced 30-45 days apart. After series of treatments are completed, treatments can be done with every changing season for maintenance.